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July 14-15, Rutland
Aug 11-17, Netherlands
Borrow a Raceboard

Yep. Just that. We lend you a board. You give us .... nothing! All you have to do is pay to enter an event. Sounds too good to be true, but it ain't! Three separate schemes have been put together so that you can borrow equipment for an event:

Participating Retailers
Boardwise, of Cannock, Staffordshire have been tireless in backing racing over the years, sponsoring events and providing prizes and support. Their huge stock includes many second hand raceboards, which they are now able offering to lend out for specific events.
Participating Manufacturers
Starboard have some demo boards of their Phantom 380s. Reserve one of these for an event and they'll bring it along for you to race.
Participating Competitors
Insurance has been arranged to allow competitors who are willing (or stupid enough) to lend you their spare boards. Several of our more gullable sailors have already bought into this and offered their equipment.
So .... you want do this .... send a mail to telling us which event you want to enter and a few details to help us find the best board (weight/age/experience/address etc.)
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