Sept 1-2, Christchurch
July 14-15, Rutland
Aug 11-17, Netherlands
All About Raceboard UK
Raceboards are mass-produced windsurfers designed for racing around courses on any point of sailing in pretty much all wind conditions.
To ensure close, competitive, fair and affordable racing, the International Raceboard Class has a simple set of rules which define the boards and sails that are used. Basically they allow racing on longboards (up to 3.8 metres) with or without daggerboards using sails up to 9.5 square metres for men and 8.5 square metres for women. Typical fleets include familiar boards such as the Mistral Equipe, Mistral One Design, Fanatic MegaCat, F2 Lightning and 380, Neil Pryde RSX as well as the new Starboard Phantom 380s.
3 different raceboard hulls
In the UK regular racing happens at National, Regional and Club level. There are series and venues to cover racing inland on reservoirs and lakes as well as at the coast on the sea. Links to the calendars appear on the right of this page. The racing is very inclusive and new competitors are always welcome.
3 different raceboard hulls
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